Wednesday 16 October 2024

A day to debate the challenges and opportunities of the automotive and services sector, but also explore the trends and the actions to take for its future.
More than just an event, THE EXTRA MILE by EQUIP AUTO is the definitive new business meeting that will bring together all the players in the upstream and downstream automotive sector. 

Business leaders, decision-makers, parts suppliers, manufacturers' distribution and repair networks, exhibitors, institutional partners, government bodies, and French and international media: a year before the 50th anniversary of the EQUIP AUTO exhibition, come and be part of this event 
that is already promising to be unmissable. 

With La Seine Musicale as its prestigious setting, let us strike a chord with our ecosystem through talks and debates that will inform all our reflections on the issues of the mobility of the future

Information to remember

One year ahead of its upcoming 50th anniversary edition, in parallel with the 2024 Mondial de l'Automobile, EQUIP AUTO is inviting players in the automotive and services sectors to its new business event, THE EXTRA MILE by EQUIP AUTO.

Unlike Paris Automotive Week, initiated by EQUIP AUTO Paris and the Mondial de l'Automobile in 2022, THE EXTRA MILE by EQUIP AUTO will be part of a week of events designed to bring together the general public and professionals, once again highlighting the automotive industry, its excellence, skills and know-how.
“THE EXTRA MILE" is a nod to the saying “to go the extra mile”, meaning: to PUSH ONE’S LIMITS and SEEK TO GO FURTHER!
Together, let’s unveil the latest developments in the sector and start the countdown to EQUIP AUTO Paris 2025.
As a historical home to the automotive industry under its former name of ĂŽle Renault, the ĂŽle Seguin offers a symbolic connection with our event, which also celebrates innovation and excellence in the automotive sector.



An international gathering

The new European event organised by EQUIP AUTO, gathering together the players in the upstream and downstream sectors: Tous Ensemble, GO THE EXTRA MILE

Exclusive content

A half-day of talks during which the industry’s most influential players showcase innovation to address the challenges of the mobility of the future: electric vehicles, durability, aftersales service, maintenance, used vehicles and more.

Connected Business

THE EXTRA MILE: a connected business event. Exchange, interact and create leads thanks to your connected badge.

Moment for socialising

A day and an evening packed with social interludes to promote discussions with your peers. Join us to celebrate the start of the countdown to EQUIP AUTO Paris 2025, the 50th anniversary edition.


  • 14h00

Registration - Coffee reception

  • 14h30 - 15h40

Will electric vehicles finally become democratic? 

  • 16h10 - 17h25

Are collision repair, aftersales and usef vehicles turining into markets for the rich. 

  • 18h00 - 19h10

THE EXTRA MILE #EQUIP AUTO Paris 2025 : Committed to a competitive, profitable and affordable automotive business and aftermarket.

  • 19h15 - 20h00

1975 - 2025 : Lauch of EQUIP AUTO Paris 2025

  • 20h15 - 00h00

Aperitif & dinner cocktail reception


"Major challenges of the automotive and services sectors"

2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

1-Will electric vehicles finally become democratic?

Context: Renault and Stellantis are simultaneously launching electric cars priced at around €25,000 inc VAT, and VW is preparing its ID.2. Locating battery plants in France and Germany will promote European sovereignty and lower costs. Is this the winning scenario for democratising electric vehicles?
A-Automobile markets: headwinds or tailwinds?

European and international new car markets remain persistently low. Demand for electric vehicles is stagnating. Are innovative products at the right price ready? Testimonials from European manufacturers and international equipment suppliers.

- Market analysis and international indicators..
B-Is the 2035 ban on fossil fuel engine production still credible?

- The 2035 timetable in question (Euro 7, review clause).

- Scenarios for 2035 from international equipment manufacturers and carmakers.
C-Innovation: is the affordable electric vehicle ready for action?

The photofit picture: powertrain, ADAS and autonomous driving, durability, maintenance costs and pricing.

- Disruptive innovation in Original Equipment (OE) as seen by the parts supplier sector.
D-All-powertrain innovation focus:

Strongly growing OE markets (EV batteries, IT and software defined vehicle, onboard display, video cameras, smart glass).

4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

2- Are collision repair, aftersales and used vehicles turning into markets for the rich?

Context: As a result of the increase in the cost of car technology, due to the combined effect of the use of expensive components and inflation, vehicle maintenance and collision repair costs are rising; second-hand car prices have also risen sharply. There is a risk of a gap between these markets and the purchasing power of motorists.
A-Collision repair markets under pressure

Repair costs are rising; electric vehicles are being closely monitored. Insurers offer their views.

- Repair costs: why are they soaring (+26.2% between 2019 and 2023)?

- Repair costs for electric vehicles: questions from insurers.

- FOCUS: results of the Claims Observatory, SRA, September 2024.
B-Maintenance. More expensive new parts and labour: is the aftersales sector departing from its mission of affordable vehicle servicing?

- The number of cars on the road is increasing as they age, throughout Europe. The after-sales market now exceeds that for new cars. But parts and labour costs are rising rapidly, making repairs increasingly expensive. What sense can we make of these developments?

- FOCUS: Tyre innovation and its impact on the aftermarket.
C-Used vehicles: are increasing prices signalling the end of the universally affordable second hand vehicle?

Used car prices have risen by more than 30% in three years. The bubble is deflating, but transactions have lost their momentum. Is this a slippery slope?


- Long-term hire companies, controlling operating costs during contracts & remarketing used vehicles

- Residual values, a determining factor in price rises.

- Financial institutions: the vehicle life cycle, offsetting the rise in LV / OV prices with new financing instruments.

5:30 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.

Committed to a competitive, profitable and affordable automotive business and aftermarket.
A-Electrification and aftermarket activities: lessons learned from foreign countries with the highest electrification rates.

Exclusive GIPA - EQUIP AUTO partnership.
- GIPA conclusions: action levers for maintaining profitable after-sales.
B-Collision repair: levers to maintain affordable insurance policies.

- Used parts / significant increase in the market for parts from the circular economy.

- Digitalisation and A.I.: the levers used by the insurance industry to reduce downtime and streamline the customer experience.

- Electric vehicles: adapting repair processes and recycling prospects.
C-Maintenance: catering to household spending possibilities and guaranteeing free competition

SERMI, repair over the air, the fight for fair access to data.
- Automotive distribution networks. Multi-branding and diversification: capturing older fleets.

- General maintenance specialists (car centres and specialists): purchasing power and mobility.

- Independent multi-brand workshops: guaranteeing technological and sustainable car maintenance.
D-Vehicle repairability: action levers.

FOCUS: the HOP 2024 Report (Halting Planned Obsolescence), FEDA.
- Electric vehicles: the Revolte example - E-Garages.

- Circular economy: the structuring of the sector focuses on Used Parts.

- FOCUS: RENAULT and STELLANTIS, their subsidiaries for the circular economy (Renault The Future Is Neutral, Stellantis BU Circular Economy and SUTAINera).

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