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WUZETEM - Injecteurs et pièces d'injection (essence et gazole)

Piastowska 67
05-850 Jawczyce

1 Marque

Communiqués de presse

  • WUZETEM - Polish manufacturer of nozzles

    17 Octobre 2017

    WUZETEM is a manufacturer of fuel injection parts for Diesel engines for 65 years. The brand is very well recognized on Automotive Aftermarket. Products offered by WUZETEM ensure reliable operation of Diesel engines. They are equivalent to the ones made for OEM. Experienced engineering, technical and manufacturing staff and modern technological park guarantee the highest quality of products. The nozzles and other components offered by WUZETEM ensure end-customer satisfaction and are recommended by authorized Diesel workshops. WUZETEM as a manufacturer of fuel injection equipment for Diesel engines aims to be the strongest and most recognized Brand on Automotive Aftermarket, with regards to quality, achieving precision under 0.5 micron. This will be possible through implementing into the offer all technical generations of fuel injection parts under own brand, while thanks to our technological knowledge and experience, having prices much lower than OEM. Increasing the scale and scope of production WUZETEM company will be able to enter OEM market. WUZETEM made nozzles are high quality alternative in diesel fuel injection systems. Wide and constantly increasing range of products allows WUZETEM's nozzles to be used in growing amount of diesel fuel injection systems, both the modern CR systems and the older ones.