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SHILO TECHNOLOGIES (NES) - Outillage à main (clés, clés dynamométriques, rodoirs, serres-câbles, micromètres)

25 Haruvit Street
IZ Mishor Adumim

9851308 Jerusalem


Renovateurs universels de filetages.

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Communiqués de presse

  • The Nes Thread Repair Tools for external and internal stripped pipe threads, eliminate the need for an extensive collection of taps and dies

    15 Février 2017

    The Nes Thread Repair tools repair both external and internal stripped pipe threads and eliminate the need for an extensive collection of taps and dies. There is no need to determine bolt size, depth and pitch. The tools work with SAE or metric, and right- or left-hand threads. In addition, they can repair threads that are at the beginning of a nut or bolt, whereas taps and dies are not able to perform that function. Technicians frequently have threaded studs or bolts with damaged threads. They can use a small file to try to raise the threads to a useful position, but this usually doesn't work well. They can use a thread die if they happen to have the correct size, but if the die isn't perfectly in line with the damaged threads it will ruin the stud. Using the rethreading system is quicker and easier than these methods, and saves technicians time and money, according to the company. These tools automatically chase good thread sections to repair the damaged parts.

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