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  • How to repair a Compressor Air Suspension! 9682022980WABCO

    01 Octobre 2017

    How to repair a Compressor Air Suspension! 9682022980WABCO Brief Intro. ¿Type: Direct-acting Solenoid Valve, 2-position 2-way valve. ¿Function: To control the air piping to open or close. ¿OE Number: 9682022980 / 415404830ZIE.5277E5 / 9682022980-00 / 9801906980 / 035 415 404 830 0 ¿Compatible Car Make / Model: Citroen C4 Picasso (9682022980 WABCO) -- 2006-2013 Citroen Picasso Grand C4 (9682022980 WABCO) -- 2006-2013 ¿Application: Air Compressor in Air Suspension System How SA410 / SA411 Can Help ? Symptoms of a bad or failing air suspension compressor: ¿Vehicle riding lower than usual ¿Abnormal noises during operation ¿The compressor won't come on After a total examination, If it is only the solenoid valve problem, Just replace the faulty valve, problem solved ! Would you like to join us? ¿Normally how do you repair the air suspension compressor? ¿How often do you encounter such problem? We've finished the R&D phase, Next we're searching for a business cooperation, welcome to be our dealer partner.

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