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SUZHOU JUHENG MACHINERY CO., LTD. - Fonderie - Chaudronnerie - Forge

No.62 Jujin Road, Taiping

215137 Suzhou


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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : CCPIT SHANGHAI SUB-COUNCIL

Communiqué de presse

  • Industrial expert-Suzhou Juheng

    15 Septembre 2019

    Suzhou Juheng is loacted in Suzhou,China. We are equipped with high accuracy equipments and process and provide the full solutions to our customers.

    We mainly focus on the Die casing, CNC machining, Magnets machining,Plastic injection,stamping, and assembly.

    Die casting ranged from different clamping tonnage and equipped with automatic ladling and spraying system,automatic extractor for improving operation efficiency and quality. Specialized in automotive, aviation,telecommunication, armarium, pump and valve industry.

    The company owns more than 200 sets of high precision CNC machining centers to support the company's continuous growth. Experienced in development and production of electric driving system for pure electric passenger vehicles(water cooled and hybrid power).

    With high precision magnet machining equipment and testing equipment, we also provide high performance NdFeB rare earth magnets.Widely used on the engine suspension NVH system, motors and speakers.

    The company has been aimed for design and production of plastic parts. We own mold design and making in house,plastic injection, plastic plating and assembly.

    With advanced stamping equipments, our stamping parts mainly service for the home appliance, automotive.

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