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KAWE - Embrayages et pièces pour embrayages

Grundelstraat 1
8102 HT Raalte



KAWE est le producteur néerlandais d'embrayages pour voitures, camions et tracteurs.


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  • Belgique
  • Danemark
  • Finlande
  • France
  • Grece
  • Croatie
  • Luxembourg
  • Slovenie
  • Suede
  • Kosovo


Présent(s) sur le pavillon : KAVO BV

Communiqué de presse

  • KAWE Holland joins Equip Auto in Holland house!

    20 Septembre 2019

    KAWE Holland together with Eurol, NRF, Kavo Parts and Ganzeboom Transmissions, the five leading aftermarket suppliers from Holland, continue to join their forces with the Holland House.

    After several successful participations at fairs in among others Dubai and Paris, the Holland House will be set up again at Equip Auto this year. At the same location as in 2107; Hall 1, stand H020.

    The Holland House, an initiative that started in 2016, is the perfect example of synergy. The most important advantage is that the participants are able to use each other's network. The collaboration also makes it possible to participate at lower costs, without compromising on space and location.

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