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HITACHI AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS ESPELKAMP - Bobines et équipements d'allumage

Eugen Gerstenmaier Str. 8
32339 Espelkamp

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Communiqués de presse

  • YouTube channel helps you during product installation

    10 Janvier 2019

    Of course a professional garage knows exactly how to install a spare part, but sometimes additional questions remain unanswered. Anybody that needs a quick and comprehensive reply will now find it in the brand new YouTube channel of Hitachi Automotive Systems Espelkamp. Hitachi has set up an assortment of short yet informative videos that explain the correct installation process. These videos supplement the written installation guides which Hitachi delivers with all products. However, since "a picture says more than 1.000 words", Hitachi has created additional guide videos for products that may often cause difficulties during installation. More videos are planned for the near future. The YouTube channel is accessible via www.hueco.com/youtube, a QR code on the product packaging or by searching in YouTube for "Hitachi Automotive Systems Espelkamp GmbH".

    According to Christian Westerkamp, Managing Director of Hitachi Automotive Systems Espelkamp: "it's the correct fitting of electrical and electronic components which causes many problems in the field and we see it as our duty to support the mechanics that might have queries. YouTube has today already become a search engine on its own for all kinds of tips and tricks. We've therefore decided to use this channel as an additional service offer for our customers and especially for garages. Our aim is to answer the tricky questions that often come up and show the exact fitting process".

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