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ATEQ n° 1 du secteur TPMS (Système de Contrôle de Pression des Pneus) fournit une gamme complète d'outils TPMS pour la R&D, les chaînes de montage d'équipementiers, les gestionnaires de flotte et les ateliers de réparation de pneus. www.ateq-tpms.com


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  • ATEQ VT TRUCK: The expert TPMS tool nominated in the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation at EQUIP AUTO

    05 Juillet 2019

    The ATEQ VT TRUCK, the TPMS activation tool for European HGVs and buses, has recently been recognised as one of the emerging technical after-sales products of 2019, having been announced as a finalist by the jury for the International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation at the EQUIP AUTO trade show in Paris.

    On 11 September 2019, ATEQ, the world's leading manufacturer of TPMS tools and solutions, will be up against 34 other finalists in a vote that will decide the winner in each of the competition's 7 categories. Nominated in the category "Tyres - Wheel accessories and services", the VT TRUCK was selected by a jury of fifty journalists representing 15 countries. The official prizegiving ceremony will be held on 15 October during a gala evening at the EQUIP AUTO trade show..

    The VT TRUCK, ATEQ's latest product, is the ultimate HGV TPMS maintenance tool for concessionaires, multi-brand workshops, fleet managers and hauliers. "The VT TRUCK has come on the scene just as HGV manufacturers are preparing for the new legislation due to come into force from 2022. This would make tyre pressure monitoring systems mandatory for buses and HGVs", explains Agneta Ronceret, TPMS Sales Manager, EMEA.

    The VT TRUCK offers a suite of functions specially designed for TPMS maintenance in European trucks and buses. With its compact design and robust casing, this tool can easily read TPMS sensor data, including twin wheels and can handle up to 22 wheels per vehicle, which is a first! Compatible with the majority of trucks and buses with TPMS (original and retrofit), it can be easily updated with the data for new vehicles when they come onto the market. The recommended retail price for the VT TRUCK is €379 and it is available from the usual resellers.


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