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SINNEK - Peintures

Stands :

1 A 002


Ugarte Industrialdea 147
20720 Azkoitia


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Communiqués de presse

  • Sinnek, The Color Revolution

    18 Juillet 2017

    Sinnek is a bodywork paint brand committed to delivering quality, efficiency, technology and color. A premium product made by specialists for specialists who are seeking assurance, safety and the highest profitability. Our products have colour in their DNA and have a clear objective: to meet our clients' needs in an excellent, efficient and professional manner. We strengthen our commitment with Sinnek: offer a complete range of Premium products for repainting bodywork. A commitment that represents a revolution in the industry and reinforces an idea: developing and facilitating our clients' development. Sinnek provides a Premium waterborne paint line, SERIES W6000. This is a very high performance waterborne system, with excellent coverage and blending property , providing high productivity and an excellent finish. Meticulous work in our color laboratories and strict quality control of both raw materials as well as the final toner of the system, guarantee perfect color reproduction for all solid, metallic, pearl and special effect colors. In combination with SINNEK Fillers, Putties and Clear coats, the SERIES W6000 guarantees that the vehicle will have a perfect finish with excellent shine, appearance and durability.